How to Simulate People in Isaac Gym?


I am trying to import people and simulate actions in Isaac Gym, as from the omni.anim.people tutorial. However, I found that there is no designated Python API to load people into Gym, you can only call the functions (Using omni.anim.people in the Python API). It seems the only way to do so is through the GUI.

What is the best workflow to use the omni.anim.people modules as much as possible in code, so that its easier to setup everytime I load the GUI? I want to somehow load the people as soon as the script is run.

As a follow up, it seems that when I use omni.anim.people to run the tutorial example (Omni.Anim.People — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation), I am unable to run the RL example at the same time. When I run the play button to run the people simulation, and after that I press play for the RL task from the GUI (, the people simulation immediately resets and stops running.

How do I do it so that both the RL task and the people simulation can be run simultaneously?


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