How to skip GUI system setup configuration

Hi all,

I am using a Jetson Nano module p3448-0020 with eMMC, without external graphical interfaces. Is there a way to bypass, workaround or skip the graphical setup done at first boot?

From TTL uart, this last line makes system hanging forever.

[ 6.064933] Please complete system configuration setup on /dev/ttyGS0 to proceed…

The board does connect through DHCP but no way to connect to it with ssh.

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Hi lucam,

There is a script to create an user in the file system you should check these threads:

You could also use the Headless Initial Boot configuration over the serial port via micro-USB or 40-pin header UART, see here for more info:

Hi Jafet and Dusty,

thank you both for your quick replies.

The two solutions are good for me. Using a text-based initial setup and creating default user before flashing.

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