Headless install for Jetpack 4.3

Is it possible to install Jetpack on a TX2 without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse plugged into the device? It seems like you need to complete the Ubuntu install before the device is fully usable? I see the message “Please complete system configuration setup on desktop to proceed…” if I am connected to the usb port when it boots up, but the network port does not seem to come up.

Hi @peterqissel,

Yes you can skip the end of Ubuntu installation with the l4t_create_default_user.sh script.

You can find useful information on how to do it in the following wiki:

Here you can also find the reference for the script in another devtalk post:

You must copy the script and execute it in the folder




That solution worked, I was able to create the user, and then flash, and then I was able to access the device over ssh as the created user. I was going to upload that file here because I thought it would be easier for other to people find who are looking for same solution, but I am unable to upload tar files to this site.

I am in the same situation as you,without a monitor, keyboard, and mouse plugged into the device,in other words, this is a headless mode.
I have used this l4t_create_default_user.sh script, but another problem appeared as the picture

Maybe, I should first enter the TX2 system to configure ssh, and then flash on the host. However, I don’t know how to enter the TX2 system and set up ssh in headless mode.

After flash the Jetson will reboot automatically. This is when your screenshot will show up. You have to do first boot setup, and if not using a GUI, then you would use serial console. See:

If you don’t have a serial console cable, then you could take advantage of a script to set this up prior to flash. See:

What it comes down to is that optional extra packages are installed via ssh, and that unless there is an ssh account, then there is no way to log in and finish optional package install.


Can anyone tell me that is ssh is by default enabled in Jetpack 4.3 or 4.4 version? I am facing a problem that after flashing with Jetpack 4.4 for Headless mode not able to connect via ssh.

I think I saw your question on another thread. Try to stick to one thread. The content there was that you need a serial console boot log to know what is going on.