How to use RTS5411 chip to make usb work on Jeston xavier NX module

I use RTS5411 chip with jeston xavier NX module on custorm carrier board ,The usb interface is not working.
I think it is the reason why the internal software of the jeston xavier NX module is the code of RTS5489.
How can I change the internal code to replace rts5489 with rts5411?

Hi, no extra sw patch to make it work. Did you check with vendor for the hardware design? If not, please do that first, otherwise can’t know it is hw issue or sw issue.

Hi Trumany
Using jeston nano module to drive RTS5411 this part of the circuit can make USB work.The hardware design is no problem.
I want to know what is the difference between the two modules for usb hub driver

Maybe you should ask the vendor for their hub driver…