Jetson nano not detect downstream USB port of RTS5411

Hello Folks,

We have design Jetson nano based carrier board and RTS5411 has been added in the design.

Below issue we faced

  1. RTS5411 has been detect very well and all the time, but the downstream ports not detect every time.
  2. it detect to fail 1 out of 8-10 times

can any one please help me solve this issue

Hi, what’s the difference between your design and devkit? As below said in Design Guide:

The USB SS hub design uses a Realtek RTS5411-GRT device. The hub device has been customized using internal fuses with the Realtek tool. A design intending to duplicate the developer kit hub implementation should customize the hub as follows:
 Power enables (DPS1/2/3/4_PWR) set to be active high
 Charging feature disabled
 SSC valid

USB HUB.pdf (1.8 MB)
Hello Trumany,
Please find attached schematic of USB hub and jetson nano.

Hi, please check and compare your design to reference based on Design Guide and ref schematic, we don’t provide such review support, and also the fuses settings as mentioned.

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