RTS5411 USB root hub DSP1_PWR not enabled


We customized the carry board of Jetson nano and found an issue with USB 3.0 hub, VDD_USB_VBUSTYPEA
is not on through U21 load switch, since the EN of load switch is controlled from RTS5411 root hub (DSP1_PWR

I’m wondering what could be the possible reason that makes that the DSP1_PWR not on when the system is powered on.

As I know that by default RTS5411 is active low, in Jetson Nano’s case, it seems it’s configured as active_high, but the SPI port is not connected, is it configured through I2C?
Could it be some issue with the I2C route design that makes the configuration failed?

Thanks a head.


I just checked the schematic design, and it mentioned that Realtek tool is needed to to update RTS5411 efuse to make DSPx_PWR high active, any more information for how to do this and where to get the tool?

Also, any suggestions for how to handle this for mass production? Thanks!

Hi, did you meet any issue? The devkit itself is just for development.

If customer wants to make a custom carrier board, he should follow OEM DG and reference schematic. If customer takes same USB hub design as devkit, he should check with hub vendor for the tool or other things.

Hi Trumany,

We customized the curry board for our application purpose with reference to the schematics of B01, on the reference schematic also RTS5411 is used as the Root hub, we have started also to discuss with the vendor for the tool and configuration.

On the other hand, any design reference if we decide to change the root hub? Do we need to modify the kernel driver and device tree? thanks!

On devkit, usb2-1 and usb3-0 are paired to connect to the embedded hub. If you don’t change these, you should not need to modify device tree.
You would need to port kernel driver of the new hub.