Do I need Linux driver for USB Hub

Hey There, currently Jetson nano development board is using RTS5411S-GRT IC as USB Hub, I searched this IC, but not available, instead of that RTS5411-GRT is available. everything is the same except SWR_OUT Pin is not in the RTS5411-GRT. and its output is connected to some DeCaps. so my question is

  1. Can I use RTS5411-GRT instead of RTS5411S-GRT and leave NC Pin 52. will this IC work fine?
  2. If I use another USB.3 Hub IC Do I need a driver for that into Jetson nano OS

Hi, please check with vendor for the difference and if compatible, and for the driver of other hub IC.

manojkumar, did you find a solution to this? I’m starting to design a carrier board and am curious as well.

Hell Chris Not yet found a solution but planning to use RTS5411-GRT IC, as there is only One difference i:e Pin 52, thinking to give 1.2V Power supply externally, but now new issue found, the development board which I am using here, has U37 IC under SOM Board, which does not exist in Schematic, I think this is memory chip but don’t know what is the use