How to use sdkmanager?

hi ,i got something with sdkmanager:

i want offline install to install my sdkm_download,

i had download the jetpack 4.6,and it tells me to install jetpack 4.6.2, i don’t want to install 4.6.2, because i had write my own bmp.blob in the 4.6 / bootloader folder. ,so how can i continue to use the jetpack 4.6 to reboot my jetson nano b01.

I’m not sure what you mean by “use the jetpack” to reboot. If you just mean to flash, and if you are looking for a specific release, then I suggest getting the most recent 4.x release of JetPack/SDK Manager, and then starting it such that it will list older releases:
sdkmanager --archivedversions

You can find the various SDKM releases here:

If you want to see the version of L4T (“Linux for Tegra” is what JetPack/SDKM actually flashes) installed via a particular JetPack you can also see this:

I’m not sure if this can all be done offline, but if you’ve used the software once to download, then probably flash can be run offline after that.

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