HPE 5950 and 100Gb nics not reaching 100Gb

Hi All,

I have a HPE 5950 with the dual port 100Gb nics. When I connect to the switch I only get 40Gb (as reported by the switch and bandwidth testing). I am running RHEL7.1 with the following drivers and fw:



Any hints on getting to 100Gb would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ed,

The cables part numbers are accurate and valid (HPE EDR Copper Cables) & ConnectX-4 IB EDR/EN 100Gb 2p 840QSFP Adapter MCX456A-ECAT 825111-B21.

Using one of these cables and connecting them as loopback on the HCA, does the link comes up and as 100Gbe? (ethtool eth#).


Hi Ed,

Based on my last reply, did you needed further assistance with this issue?


Hi Sophie,

Updates are below:

I think my vendor gave me the wrong cables ☹

Let me know what you think, and thank you for your help.

Ed Bedford

Hi Ed,

Could you please provide the following information:

  1. part number of the HCA or the PSID/BoardID

  2. Cable vendor/model/part number

  3. switch vendor/model/part number

  4. What is the speed set on the switch port

  5. What PCIe slot Gen & width the HCA card is installed