I constantly get "isaac sim" not responding windows

So for every simple action i take on Isaac sim (all versions not only 4.0.0) i get a “isaac sim” not responding windows instead of just a normal loading bar, wonder if its hardware related or common, sometimes its just there replacing a loading screen but sometimes it hides an unresolvable error which significantly hinders workflow.
i7 10700, RTX 4070 Super, 64gb DDR4, 500GB M.2 SSD

Can you try uploading the runtime log files of IsaacSim? They are located in the IsaacSim installation path under the kit/logs/Kit/Isaac-Sim folder.

Hi thanks for taking the time to help, in the directory you mentioned i found an empty folder named traces and a kit_20240711_024543.log file, any idea what i should do next?

It is hard to diagnose this kind of problem because it’s more of a performance problem than a bug. However, the best thing you could do is to do a video capture of you using it showing where it keeps hanging. Is it with certain commands?

Does it hang and then come back or does it actually crash ?

Thanks for your answer, Currently suspecting that it is caused by a network issue i haven’t noticed in my lab until a couple hours ago, where my computers are running on 250kbps when we’re supposed to have 1 gig, supported by the fact that issue only happens when i introduce USD files i don’t have installed locally and it goes away after a couple hours without crashing. I’ve raised this issue to IT support and will update here if it was indeed a network issue.

Well yes that is VERY different. Composer will take over with a massive amount of resources and it will choke the remote viewing software quickly. What remote viewing software are you using ? Issac Sim is free to use, can you not install it on your local workstation ?