I I want to install the system on the NVMe SSD instead of the SD card

We all know that the speed of the SD card is too slow, and the capacity is not large, I want to install the system directly in the NVMe solid-state, and boot from the SSD, no longer use the SD card, but when I burn the image of the system to the NVMe solid-state, I can’t boot the computer, is this idea feasible?

  1. DevKit or custom board?
  2. What L4T version?
  3. What does I can't boot the computer? How did you flash the device?

My device is JETSON XAVIER NX and I’m using JetPack 5.1.2, Jetson Linux 35.4.1. I used balenaEtcher software to burn the image directly to the NVME SSD, without inserting the SD card, there is no response when plugged in, the screen will not light up, my purpose is to boot directly from the NVME SSD without using the SD card. Thanks for your reply!

Please use SDK Manager for flashing the NVMe drive.
balenaEtcher with SD card image is not going to work here.

Okay, got it, thank you!

Hello, I have a problem again, I used sdk manager to successfully install the system on a 500G m2 solid state drive, and it is running normally, but the default root partition in the sdk is only 15G, and there are still more than 400G of free space on the hard disk, but it is very difficult to add these free spaces to the root directory, I want to allocate the size of the root partition when I flash into the system, how can I do it?

Please do this:

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