I made a tx2 carrier board by myself, sata to msata,Unable to identify msata hard drive

use external power.
Excuse me, is there a load switch restriction?And if so, can we skip the limit?

Not sure about your question, the schematic is HDMI part not sata.

Sorry! sata is this schematic. But my hdmi and sata can’t run.
Sata to msata.
Can you help me check what’s wrong with this.
Regulator were our supply, no follow your schematic’s supply.

Is this load switch limited our hdmi or msata devices to run?

Please totally follow the design guide and reference schematic to make design of HDMI and SATA parts.

There were some same problem 。 But can’t resolved。

We can’t supply the regulator used out designed, must follow your design ?

Which lane mapping config are you using for mSATA? Did you check and choose a config in Table 15. USB 3.0, PCIe & SATA Lane Mapping Configurations in OEM DG? PEX_TX/RX3 are routed to USB_SS1 port, and it can not be used as a single lane PCIe port.

For HDMI, please totally follow design guide.


Can you tell me whitch file to config ?


Are you conncting SATA to PEX_TX/RX3? If so, then we cannot help. Software is not able to configure it to SATA function.
You could only solve it from hardware rework.

We try to connect SATA to msata, but’t it can’t work.
If we connect SATA to msata, How to configure?
We can’t find the msata hard disk.

No method to configure. You need to redesign your hardware.

If redesign hardware
msata connect to sata or pcie?

There is a specific pin on TX2 which is for sata. msata is for SATA too. Why do you think it can work on pcie? It is not M.2 device.


We used sata to msata board, It can’t work.
We only used our voltage to supply.
Is hardware must follow tx2 specific designged.

Yes, hardware must follow the OEM design guide.