I tried running 3.6 Alpha, and now I get a console app opening

If I don’t touch the console app, I appear to be able to work in Blender 3.6 Alpha from Omniverse Launcher. If I close the console app, Blender closes.

Earlier it showed me a message 'Don’t expect plug-ins to work in an experimental version.

Is there a way to suppress this console app from launching. Is this supposed to happen? Thanks

@DataJuggler i believe it’s the typical behavior. i can confirm on my end with Blender 3.6 alpha USD branch 3.6.0-usd.200.2

I found some way to get rid of it. I forgot what I did, but it no longer does this for me.

good to know it’s something that can be amended after the fact. not certain why it shows up by default though.