I want to test a trained model on my real robot, what should I do?

I have trained a wonderful model in isaac gym, and it gives me a xxx.pth file.
I want to test the model in my real robot. However, I didn’t find any words about sim-to-real in the handbook.
So, what should I do next?


What’s the computer on your robot?

ubuntu 18.04 with rtx 2060

Does your NN’s input/output match the input output of the robot?
I worked on sim2real for a while but since I used the same software for both training and testing it was easier.
When your run an environment you have two options, either training or testing and you can pick the NN you want to test as well. Have you tried it?

Have you checked Tensor RT? you might find good examples for transferring your NN to the robot.