I2C devices not booting in cold environment


I have a custom board with TX2 module on it.

Currently, I am facing a problem where I2C devices are not booting in cold environment (under about 10 C).

Concretely the I2C devices that seem to not be booting are
・IO expander : driver is pca953x (both 0x74 and 0x77)
・HDMI2CSI: driver is tc358840 (https://github.com/InES-HPMM/linux-l4t-4.4/wiki/hdmi2csi)

My custom board’s circuit is mostly the same as the Jetson TX2 development Kit.
My kernel version is r28.2.1

What may be causing the error?
Are there any restrictions when booting in cold environment?

I have attached the kernel boot log (when error in cold environment and when normal in room temperature).

cold_boot_error.txt (63.1 KB)
normal_boot.txt (64.2 KB)

Hi usajpn0227,
Do you have oscilloscope on hand? It might be some signal integrity issue on I2C bus, it’s better to probe the I2C signal and find why no ACK under low temperature.
BTW, what’s the pull up resistance on I2C SDA/SCL?

Hi usajpn0227,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Any result can be shared?


Hi kayccc,

I have clarified the cause of the problem.
It was due to our custom circuit.