IBIS models?

I’m looking for the IBIS models for the Xavier. I see the package Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Sparameters_IBIS_Models
but it looks like that only has the TX models, where can I find the receiver models?

There is RX lane info in the file, you can open the some files with Notepad to check.

I must be looking in the wrong locations. All I see is s-parameter models for the traces, and nothing for the receiver. I’m expecting to see an equivalent model like t194_uphytx.ibs and t194_uphytx.ami (except replace tx with rx).

Something that would be able to probe after the receiver equalization to see if it can detect an open eye.

Many receiver ibis models will also have settings for the DFE or CTLE. Is there anything like that available?

You are right, there is no soc rx models in package at present. Will be added in next release, thanks.

Any updater on this one?

Not yet. Is there anything on that block your custom design?

The latest package was release in DLC, please check that first.