ICP DROP error in the log of recorder tool

[ ICP DROP error in the log of recorder tool ]


We have tested the recorder tool with 6 cameras. See our set up and the error message below.


  • Drive AGX Pegasus
  • Quad Camera Ports A - 4 cameras with FAKRA Jack 0-3
  • Quad Camera Ports B - 2 cameras with FAKRA Jack 0-1

[03-07-2019 14:36:42] CameraGMSL: Frame: 1458 CaptureTimestamp: 1562132202274300 - ICP DROP in camera 0
Please find out full message in the attachment.

Would you be able to help us to use the recorder tool without any errors?

Would it be possible for the recorder tool to handle 6 cameras (or more cameras) and generate the recorded file without ICP DROP error?

Can you review our rig configuration file and collect it if something wrong?

If ICP DROP cannot be avoided, then do you have any other way to make it possible?

Our idea is to code from sample_camera_multiple_gmsl and sample_camera_gmsl_raw, do you thing this will be the solution?

recorder_ipc_drop_error.txt (25.1 KB)
release-6-fifo-slave.txt (9.05 KB)

Dear tanaka-k,

Could you please refer to “High Throughput Recording” session in DriveWorks doc for this topic?
In your hostPC, please see file:///usr/local/driveworks-2.0/doc/nvsdk_html/dwx_recording_devguide_high_throughput_recording.html

And could you please try to record cameras data with TextUI Recording Tool? Thanks.

Thanks, SteveNV!

I could see some sort of improvement!