image creation with SDKmanager always failed


i just downloaded sdkmanager in order to install jetpack 4.2 to my tx2,
but during the image creation process (File System and OS) it’s always endup failed

i’ve tried on different ubuntu OS 18.04 and 16.04, the result still the same,
on 16.04 the process stucked at 99.7% for more than 30 minutes before it failed

here’s i attached exported log file from sdkmanager


the problem arise because i set the hw image folder to external drive (which used NTFS file system) during fresh installation of sdkmanager, interestingly, even though i later changed the hw image folder to my ext4 file system, sdkmanager still using the first configuration (which pointing to my external drive), i knew this when i removed the external drive suddenly the image creation and other things failed with log showing that the temporary hw image directory still on my external drive, even though [step 2] screen showed that the hw image folder already configured to my ext4 filesystem

i’ve tried to re-install (remove and install) the sdkmanager, but the configuration still the same, i don’t how to change the hw image directory so i decided to reinstall the host OS and install fresh sdkmanager from there then set the hw image directory to my ext4 filesystem

here are some of my tips regarding sdkmanager (and jetpack) :

  1. always use ubuntu 16.04 (i think any 16.xx would works), don’t be tempted to install 18.04 (or other new ubuntu), some of the library such as visionworks won’t be installed on newer OS
  2. plug the usb cable only on usb 3.0 port, otherwise jetson board wouldn’t be recognized
  3. please leave all the configuration of the jetpack/sdkmanager to the default, but if you need to customize, always use ext4 journaled filesystem as temporary directory
  4. when you’re downloading the files using wi-fi, turned off your bluetooth (both use 2.4ghz frequency and might cause collision)
  5. jetpack would work on 18.04 but you need to install sshpass, xterm,, which can be downloaded from ubuntu websites
  6. also during [step 2] sdkmanager, if your screen size is less than 1920x1080, and didn’t want to buy a new monitor, you can rotate the screen to potrait (setting>display) in-order to check the agreement checkbox at the bottom of sdkmanager, though you might need to tilt your head 90 degree and change your mouse orientation