SDK Manager v1.3 crashes before flashing a Jetson TX2 board

Hi, I’m trying to reflash a Jetson TX2 board with Jetpack 4.4.1. My host is an up-to-date Ubuntu 18.04 PC with 64 GB of RAM running SDK Manager v1.3.1.7110. My host is behind a corporate proxy server. The Jetson board is in forced recovery mode and is detected by SDK Manager.

The SDK Manager downloads all software packages successfully. Then, the “Creating Jetson OS image” task gets stuck at 49.5% for several minutes before displaying a pop-up dialog saying that “The task is taking longer than expected. Do you want to continue ?”. If I answer “Yes” the process crashes sometime later, while consuming 40 GB of RAM.

Also note that there are no warning nor error messages in the SDK Manager’s log.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion that could help me proceed.

Hi souellet,

Can you please package and attach the ~/.nvsdkm directory for more investigation?

Hi Edward,

here’s the file you need.


sdk_manager_logs.tar.gz (298 KB)

Hi Stephane,

In the log there is following error:
message: “EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/opt/nvidia/Downloads/.nvs_download_dir_access_test’”,
stack: “Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir ‘/opt/nvidia/Downloads/.nvs_download_dir_access_test’”,
errno: -13,
code: ‘EACCES’,
syscall: ‘mkdir’,
path: ‘/opt/nvidia/Downloads/.nvs_download_dir_access_test’,
name: ‘Error’
14:13:16.760 - info: common download path set to /opt/nvidia/Downloads
14:14:01.208 - info: common install path set to /opt/nvidia/nvidia_sdk

  1. It seems the new download and install directories don’t have right permission or disk format, however, I couldn’t reproduce. Can you please run following command and let me know the output?
    ll /option/nvidia/Downloads /opt/nvidia/nvidia_sdk
  2. What’s the exact command are you using to start SDK Manager?
  3. Have you met any error and used any workaround when you run SDK Manager, change download directory, or do other actions?

Perhaps you could solve the issue in following directions?

  1. Use the default download/install directories. i.e.,
    Download: ~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads
    Install: ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk
  2. Reinstall SDK Manager client. I’m not sure if there is any broken files. I couldn’t see any component being installed from the log.

Hi Edward,

as a first step, I reinstalled SDK Manager using the following commands :

sudo apt remove sdkmanager

sudo rm -rf /opt/nvidia ~/.nvsdkm ~/nvidia

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/sdkmanager_1.3.1-7110_amd64.deb


SDK Manager detects the Jetson TX2 board successfully. I used the default locations for the download/install directories:

Download: ~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads
Install: ~/nvidia/nvidia_sdk

Download of all software components is OK. The program blocks at 99% of the “Drivers for Jetson” task.

As requested, you will find in attachment the list of files included in the download/install directories:

download_directory.txt: ll ~/Downloads/nvidia/sdkm_downloads

filelist.txt: ll -R ~/nvidia ~/.nvsdkm

Also included is a compressed log file.

Please note that I didn’t try any workaround. All of the commands above were executed as is.



download_directory.txt (5.79 KB)

filelist.txt (3.29 KB)

sdkm-2020-11-05-14-10-40.log.gz (37.7 KB)

Hi Stephane,

We found this is caused by a bug in SDK Manager client 1.3. It cannot handle proxy well. We will fix the issue in SDK Manager 1.4 in future. For now, can you please use the following steps as a workaround?

  1. Run following command in a terminal window on host to install additional packages.
    sudo apt-get install -y cmake g++ gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu g+±aarch64-linux-gnu pigz lbzip2 qemu-user-static python
  2. Disable proxy settings in SDK Manager client settings page.
  3. Use offline install to install JetPack 4.4.1, according to the steps in

Sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know if there is any issue with offline install. Thanks.