Import xGen from Maya

Is there any way to import xGen Hair from Maya? I would be essential for character work.

Hi oglu!
Thanks for your interest in Omniverse. We don’t support importing xGen at the moment.

Thanks for the info.
I hope we are able to import curve data in a future version.

Curve support is coming , mean while if you are using XGen Legacy,
you can create groom description as a polySurface from XGen.
And export as USD and import to Omniverse-Kit.

XGen > Preview/Output >> Output Setting >> Create Geometry

Thanks for the hint but i need that for an animated character.

If your hair is static and dose not need to simulate,
then you may can bind hair polySurface to your character.

Here is a some example of hair polySurface is rigged to joint and
export to Omniverse-Kit .

Thanks again for your workflow ideas.
In my case its a creature with full body hair. I see no other way than waiting for curve support.