IMX185 and IMX385 driver

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has made a IMX185 (or IMX385) driver (either 2lane or 4 lane) for the latest Jetpack releases (for TX2) ?

It is not completely obvious to me if there is a driver for IMX185 already build in to Jetpack or not when it comes straight from nvidia?

If there is a driver build in, is there then any difference between the image quality / tuning parameters that the build in driver has compared to, for example, the driver from Leopard Imaging or one of the other tuning partners? (besides obvious hardware differences in turning the camera on etc…)

hello LasseRoedtnes,

JetPack had built-in several camera drivers, which IMX185 was also included for reference.
you may access the L4T Sources packages via download center for the kernel sources.
for example,

you may refer to Camera Architecture Stack,
there’s [Tuning] software block for image quality, and you should contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutions and tuning supports.