Incompatibility of new Quadro K5000 for Mac and After Effects CS6 ?

I’ve just bought the new Quadro K5000 for Mac and it appears that After Effects CS6 tells me that the GPU is not available and that the device or the display driver is not compatible.
I found this tutorial on the web explaining how to deal with this problem :
The guy explains that the list of raytracer_supported_cards is totally incomplete in AE CS6 and that one should update it according to the official list of CUDA-enabled Quadro cards.

I consulted this list ( and the “Quadro K5000 for Mac” does not appear on it, although the “K5000” (Windows) does. Does anyone know why ?

I’m a bit upset and depressed because this card was announced as compatible with AE CS6 and I spent a lot of money to get it. Maybe it’s because it’s just been released and it’s not yet fully compatible driverwise ? Can anyone help me find a solution ?
Thanks so much in advance.

Here’s my config : MacPro 5.1 / 2x2.4GHz Quad Core / 16Gb 1066 MHz DDR3 / OSX 10.8.4. / After Effects CS6 / Quadro K5000 for Mac

The similar issue was discussed on Adobe’s forum as following. It’s a CS6 known limitation for newer GPUs officially supported.

For AE CS6, if not added to raytracer_supported_cards.txt, ray-tracing will use CPU. Manually added “Quadro K5000” in “raytracer_supported_cards.txt”, it gets an error message “After Effects error: Ray-traced 3D: initial shader compile failed. (5070 :: 0)” during launching “Adobe After Effects CS6”. Click “OK”and checked the “GPU Information” again, the reported incompatibility issue disappeared. After online upgraded Adobe AE CS6 to the latest version - v11.0.2, the error disappears.

I just installed Quadro K5000 for Mac on a MAC OSX 10.9.2. Only the Fast Draft works. Ray Trace is impossible to preview. So what should be the best settings?

Here’s my config : MacPro 5,1 / Processor 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon / 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC / OSX 10.9.2. / After Effects CC / Quadro K5000 for Mac

hi , i have the same problem and i’v got that error (5070 ::0). it appear when i start after effect and when i click ok the error disapear and after effect open, but is it ok? this error will not make problem later for me? ( i should say i cant update my adobe because they dont support my country).