Problem getting Adobe After Effects CS6 to recognise GPU / CUDA (GeForce GTX660Ti with 310.70 64-b

Hi. I’m not a programmer, just trying to run Adobe post-production software - notably After Effects CS6. Learning that this application is designed to make use of CUDA technologies, I bought an NVIDIA GeForce GTX660Ti graphics card which incorporates them. The PC itself uses an Intel i& CPU, 16GB of RAM, on a P8Z68-V/PRO/GEN3 MoBo, with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I tried a couple of the CUDA samples to work in Command Line Mode, so I assume the CUDA Toolkit v.5.0 has installed itself properly; there no problem according to Device Manager, and although the Windows ‘Performance Index’ thing has been recalculated, it remains a before at 7.5 (graphics = 7.9 = maximum)

Yet AE reports “GPU not available - incompatible device or display driver.”

I realise that the problem may not lie with the CUDA Toolkit, nor even necessarily with the graphics card. I should, however, be very grateful if anyone here might have a clue where the fault lies and if possible, what I could do about it.

Norfolk, UK

Возможно проблема решена уже. Но, на всякий случай:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files, внизу находим файл “raytracer_supported_cards.txt” и вписываем туда свою видеокарту. НО! строго соблюдаем синтаксис:

“GeForce GTX 660 Ti” ИМЕННО ТАК!!! ошибка должна пропасть.

Apparently that particular card isn’t supported for some features.

У меня тоже такая же проблема… Не смог справится. Вот моя видеокарта:

Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Device: GeForce GT 740M/PCIe/SSE2
Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 344.11
Total Memory: 3,93 GB
Shader Model: 4.0 or later

Как надо написать на файл “raytracer_supported_cards.txt”?