Nvidia Grid K1, Citrix XD and Adobe After effects GPU utilization

Dear Gurus :)

We are dealing with a test environment with Citrix Xendesktop (VDI) and Nvidia K1 (and/or) K2 GPU. We have a Windows 7 VM with Adobe After Effects and we are trying to use the K1 as GPU. However After Effects is unable to detect it.

Adobe lists the GPUs available for After Effects here: https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/list-gpus-raytraced-3d-renderer.html.

We tried to edit the Ray_traced_supported_cards.txt with no luck.

Has Anyone tried to do that? any clue?




Are you using K1/K2 as GPU (dedicated, pass-through) or as vGPU (shared, profiles like K1xxq/K2xxq) ?
If vGPU than CUDA support is disabled.


Are you able to confirm that the K1/K2 profile is being detected in Device Manager within the Windows 7 session? Just a good way to ensure that Windows itself can even see the card and utilize it.

Hi Guys thanks so much for your help. I ve changed the GPU assignment to passthru, adn now the device manager sees a NVIDIA GRID K1 card.

When I open the GPU information in Preferences options in After Effects the detected device is Quadro FX GRID K1/PCIe/SSE2. However the same screen says: GPU not available, imcompatible device and I am unable to select GPU in the combo box.

Even I tried to modify the Ray_traced_supported_cards.txt file adding both (NVIDIA GRID K1 and Quadro FX GRID K1/PCIe/SSE2) in the card list and it still does not work.

any clue?




Ok, if GPU passthrough is used CUDA should work (test CUDA with something like CUDA-Z http://cuda-z.sourceforge.net/).

I do not own “Adobe After Effects” but the document https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/list-gpus-raytraced-3d-renderer.html say about checkbox “Enable untested, unsupported GPU for CUDA acceleration of ray-traced 3D renderer”.

Is there other cuda_supported_cards.txt http://www.tonymacx86.com/graphics/102438-adobe-premiere-cc-enable-cuda.html ?


See this thread.


Also be aware that hte K1 in pass through is equivalent to the Quadro K600. This is an entry level card and also not supported by AE. You should be looking to a higher spec of card.