Industrial Machine Vision / Camera Link Interface

Hi, I would like to connect multiple industrial line scan cameras to a Jetson AGX Xavier development board through a frame grabber card that supports camera link interface. There are camera link frame grabber cards on the market that support dual base cameras through a PCIe x4 interface. There are also camera link frame grabber cards that support quad base cameras through a PCIe x8 interface.

Jetson AGX Xavier specs state that it supports x8 PCIe, that’s why I am highly interested in these. Are there any tested frame grabber cards for Jetson boards?


Thanks for your asking.
We are checking our spec internally. Will update more information with you later.


hello burak.soysal,

we had 8-lane reference driver based-on SLVS-EC which plugged into PCIe slot.
SLVS-EC signaling can be obtained through PCIe bus by configuring UPHY, this UPHY setting is done by BPMP firmware and is configured during system boot-up.

you might access L4T Sources via download center,
please also check below kernel sources for reference,

Thanks AastaLLL and JerryChang,

The specific cameras we use transfer data via Camera Link protocol. Camera Link is a camera protocol that is used in industrial applications. It requires specific frame grabber cards that are plugged into PCIe slots. Here are a few examples:

We don’t have resources to develop a driver. We are looking for a Camera Link frame grabber card, whose driver and API are provided by its manufacturer. We are basically looking for a plug-and-play Camera Link frame grabber solution.

Did you have any experience with a Camera Link frame grabber card? If there is a tested and confirmed camera link card, we can buy and use those cards in our projects, along with Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Xavier boards.

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hello burak.soysal,

please consult with Jetson Preferred Partners for the solutions.

Thanks, JerryChang

Hi burak.soysal,

Did you find a solution for connecting Camera Link to the Xavier boards?


Hi gene87,

No, unfortunately I gave up looking for it. If you find a solution please tell us.


Hello burak.soysal,

If I read your challenge correctly we are roadmapping what you have outlined on this thread. Can you contact me at, would be happy to discuss how we might be an excellent partner for you and your Xavier IMV/CL hurdle.

@burak.soysal please see post above…