Information about the kit


I would like to have more information about the jetson X1 kit.

Is the jetson module on the jetson kit removable ?

Is the connector the same between jetson K1 and X1? Is it possible to remove a jetson K1 and put a X1?

Yes, the jetson module on the kit is removable.

No, the TX1 is not pin-compatible with the TK1. AFAIK there is not an NVIDIA branded TK1 module, the dev kit has the SoC soldered on.

There are some third party manufacturers of various Tegra K1 and X1 boards using either the Jetson TX1 module or a custom TK1 module, combined with custom carrier boards. If you are looking for a particular setup, you can describe what you want and someone may have it already. One thing that does not exist is a single carrier board with both TX1 and TK1 being interchangeable on the same carrier.