Install Drive OS

The current SDK Manager will install Drive OS to Pegasus. Is there a way to install

Dear VerySimple,
When you login with Devzone credentials into SDKManager, you would see list of available SW you can flash. You can not flash any other SW.

We have problems with (please see the other post related of missing tensorrt lib on Therefore I am trying to flash to which we used before and it has no issues with tensorrt lib.

Please help! I do not mind manually flash

I’am also interested to get this running. I have version installed at present and can’t easily upgrade to - it has some organizational reason. Anyway I hoped to get it working, but I’m receiving a DW_INTERNAL_ERROR SDK exception (Failed to detect platform) when executing the Hello World sample - is it related to the unsupported version

TensorRT necessary libraries are already on the target (part of DriveWorks in Drive Software 10.0). They aren’t installed by the package manager so you cannot find it by the command. Which files are acutally you looking for? Let’s discuss the issue in your topic.