Installing a SSD on a A203 V2 carrier board with XAVIER NX module

I’m trying to use a new SABRENT (SB-1342-512) MVMe PCIe M2 2242 512GB SSD on my Seeed Studio A203 V2 board with a XAVIER NX running JETPACK 4.6.2 but I’m not able to detect it running DISKS.

I tested the SSD using an SSD to USB adapter and RUN the Disk Manager on Windows PC to format it in a NTFS format.

Using the same adapter I can see the SSD throught a USB port on the carrier board (JETPACK 4.6.2) but when I move it to the PCIe connector it doesn’t work.

I also checked the PCIe connector on the carrier board with an old TOSHIBA 128GB SSD and had sucess detecting it using DISKS.

Please, what am I missing?

Suggest to contact with Seeed customer service to get the support.

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