Installing PGI 6.0 on Fedora Core 4

Hi, I’m testing Fedora core 4 test distribution, featuring gcc version 4; PGI install script doesn’t work on it for the following reasons:

    • gcc & co. do not output the line
Reading specs from...

but rather

Using built-in specs.

    • g77 is now replaced by gfortran (with partial f90 support)

    • -lf2c should be replaced by -lgfortran for mixed compilation

However, after a proper hand editing of localrc file, the installation of PGI HPF is successful.
…just a hint to pgi developers and others planning to migrate to a brand new distribution.

Thanks Davide,

As with all Linux versions that are released after a PGI release, there is a good chance that the PGI installer program will fail. What is actually installed is dependent upon on the Linux version. Since the installer doesn’t recognize the new Linux version, it will abort. Once FC4 has been offically released, we will get a copy here and begin to make the necessary changes to enable support. Depending up on our release cycle and how much Linux has changed, we typically provide support for a new Linux version one or two PGI releases (major or minor) after the new Linux version has been released.

  • Mat

I made the mistake of upgrading to FC4, and now my PGI compilers no longer work.

I have done the changes Davide suggested, and variations on them, w/o suceess.

How soon will the compilers support FC4? If you need a person to test this, I’m certainly available.

Hi Tunaboy,

With the exception of some minor problems with the 32-bit configuration, the initial testing looks good and we should be able to post the installation patch soon. Until then, please email and request the FC4 install patch. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.