Installing PGI fortran compiler Version 5.2

Hello there,

I am currently working on installing WRF V2.2 and it requires the PGI compiler version 5.2 or higher. When I go to the download page (PGI | Support | Download Release 5.2), I see multiple options under product such as PGHPF Workstation and PGF77 Workstation.

I was wondering which is the fortran compiler?


Both are Fortran with “HPF” being the High Performance Fortran compiler and “F77” being the Fortran compiler supporting the F77 standard.

Though PGI release 5.2 is from 2004 so I’d be highly surprised if you were able to install it on a current OS. I’d suggest you use our most current release, 21.9. There’s no cost to use the compilers. Note that PGI was rebranded to be the NVIDIA HPC Compiler a few years ago.

Hello there,

Oh ok, that makes sense. So the difference between the two versions is that one is a high performance version of the other. That clears things up.

Unfortunately, the WRF model I am trying to compile was released in 2006 and requires PGI version 5.2 or higher, but I doubt that it would work with the latest PGI compiler.

Thank you for your response

While I don’t know the details, I would say you have a much better chance of building WRF 2.x with our 21.9 release (it is Fortran) than you do with trying to install PGI 5.2 on any recent OS. Unless your OS is circa 2006 as well, but then you wouldn’t be taking advantage of any hardware advancements since then.

I would recommend to at least to try using 21.9 (it’s free) first.