Installing Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 Driver from L4T

Hello, I am trying to install the the driver for the Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 chip from the L4T sources , tc358840.c .

I am new to installing drivers, is this something I can install using mknod and if so what parameters should I use?

Is there some resource I can use? I only found resources for flashing using the Nvidia SDK and I do not have access to a Linux computer as of right now.

hello schneidr,

are you going to enable Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 driver on Jetson Xavier NX?
you may check the device tree as below for reference, but this is based-on Jetson Xavier.

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the response. You are correct, I am trying to enable the Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 driver on Jetson Xavier NX.

I am inexperienced , so I am not sure what I am looking with that device tree. Is there some resources that can help guide me through enabling the driver?

hello schneidr,

there’s reference driver, but HDMI2CSI bridge driver (i.e. Toshiba tc358840) was only verified with Jetson TX2.

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for the quick response. If it is possible to enable the Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 Driver on the Jetson Xavier? And is there any resources that can guide me through this?

hello schneidr,

you may have customization to enable Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 Driver,
please note that, you may disable gang-mode since the multi-brick streams did NOT implemented for Xavier’s VI drivers.
please also check below discussion threads as see-also.