Instructions for enable SPI IOs for Xavier NX

SPI devices are enabled by default on L4T 32.4.3 but SPI buses are not connected to module pins by default.
I ran “” to configure SPI IO pins but it replaced my dtb and disabled cameras and other devices.
How can I enable SPI bus without replacing my dtb? I have not changed pinmux in the past.
Can I change one of the Device Tree files to enable SPI IOs?
Is there a patch to enable SPI IO pins without changing other part of DTBs?
If spreadsheet is the best approach, how should I change the entries of spread sheet to enable SPI bus pins?
Thanks in advanced for instructions.

You can decompile the dtb file gen by jetson-io and find the “header-40pin-pinmux” and copy it to your dtb for it.

Thanks for confirming the right path to make SPI work for XNX.
I have already decompiled the dtb file generated by jetson-io using the dtc in Jetpack and compared it with my decompiled dtb file.
I prefer to change device tree files and rebuilt device tree instead of making changes to decompiled device tree. I’ll identify the device tree file, include the changes made by jetson-io and post results.