Invalid links in "azure_protocol_adaptor/module_client/README" file

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The links in /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.0/sources/libs/azure_protocol_adaptor/module_client/README are invalid.

The second link …

#Register a new Azure IoT Edge device from the Azure portal:

Leads you to 404 - Page not found

The last link

#For Jetson:
 Install the Azure Iot Edge from the instructions provided here:

Incorrectly routs you to Create and provision an IoT Edge device on Linux using symmetric keys which I believe, leads you to install the incorrect version of IoT Edge.

Is there correct documentation available for setup on arm64?? I was about to try the following… Create your own vision alerting system with IoT Edge, Azure Custom Vision and a Jetson Nano but wanted to check here first…


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Thanks a lot! WIll check and get back to you next week since NVIDIA company will have holiday Thur & Friday this week.

Hi @rjhowell44 ,
Please use . we will update the doc with this link in next release.

Thanks for reporting this issue!

@mchi thanks for getting back to me… I was finally able to get my own examples working after much trial and error… and I wrote up the complete process for my users here deepstream-services-library/ at master · prominenceai/deepstream-services-library · GitHub

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