IPC functionality is not supported on Tegra platforms.


I wanted to develop/write an IPC communication between two process on AGX, but while going through the API documentation i[/i] I found the below comment.

“IPC functionality is restricted to devices with support for unified addressing on Linux operating systems. IPC functionalityis not supported on Tegra platforms.”

Basically I am asking is Cuda IPC supported on AGX or is there any other way to do?

Dear puneeth.joseph,

CUDA IPC calls is not supported on Tegra device.
Please see : https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-for-tegra-appnote/index.html#not-supported-on-tegra

  • CUDA IPC (CUDA Inter-process communication) is not supported on Tegra devices. EGLStream can be used communicate between CUDA contexts in two processes.

Could you consider using EGLStream for your topic? Thanks.

Thanks Steve, will try this.