Is it possible to access the terminal of AGX Orin Dev KIt in recovery mode from a host PC through usb?

Hi I am new to this product, recently I added a cron command to make it auto restart. At first I can disable it whenever I want but it is getting laggy after a while and now I do not have time to open the terminal when it boots. (it takes longer to be ready to open the terminal).

There is nothing running when the board is in recovery mode.

I guess you are talking about accessing after boot up but not recovery mode… could you confirm?

Sorry for the confusion, actually after booting up I cannot access the terminal because I do not have enough time to do that ( + it is very lag and take up longer time to open the terminal). So I am thinking is there a way to access the terminal from recovery mode.


You can use uart to check instead of terminal on the monitor.

If you are using NV devkit, then that micro usb port on your board is a UART port.

It works! Thank you so much!

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