Is it possible to change the output resolution of ISP?

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Can i change the frames’ width and height of ISP output of SIPL camera?

For example, if I use sf3325 camera, the camera resolution is 1920x1208, and the output yuv/rgb frames from ISP0/ISP1 are 1920x1208. Is it possible for me the let ISP output frames in different size?

Are scaling operations configured in nvsipl::NvSIPLDownscaleCropCfg of pipeline config? Is there limitation of the scaling size? Can sipl camera only do downscale, and no upscale available?

The downscale operation is configured separately for each ISP. Is this operation done by ISP, so that there is no extra CPU overhead after adding the downscale feature.


We will check with the internal team and get back to you. Thanks.

Scaling is done in the ISP, it only supports downscaling (no upscaling). Max downscaling factor is 32. Thanks.

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Hi VickNV

When we use ISP for demosaic and scale operations - does -

  1. ISP writes its demosaiced output in memory, and reads it back to do downscaling ?
  2. ISP demosaics and scales on the fly without any intermediate results going into memory ?


It’s this.

If we need to find histogram of Demosaiced AND scaled image, would that also happen on the fly ?

May I know if any performance issue was observed?

Hi Vick,

I found there are histogram related data in nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::ImageMetaData that i can get by calling GetImageData.
Are those image histogram data generated by ISP or CPU?
Since GetImageData is a method of INvSIPLNvMBuffer which can also point to raw data buffer. Is there also histogram data for the raw frame (ICP output & ISP input)?

Hi VickNV,
We do not have performance numbers yet, however we are estimating our DDR BW and want to find ways to optimize DDR traffic.

Please help to create a new topic to avoid cluttering all questions in this topic. Thanks.