Is it possible to create a drive location for remote users in the open beta?

Just seeing if there’s a way to create a drive location for remote users. So that omniverse can collaborate with team members over the web.

Hello @ryan86! Welcome to the Community!

I have sent your question to the developers and I am waiting on their reply.

In the meantime, here is our documentation for Drive in case it helps answer any of your questions: Drive Connect — Omniverse Utilities documentation

@ryan86 if you have a workstation Nucleus installed on your computer (I call this localhost) you can “Enable Sharing” from the System Monitor. At that point someone else can access your Nucleus server through your IP address or host name.

http://localhost:8080/ is how I access my PC’s Nucleus server locally. If your PC was named ryan86 then another user could access your Nucleus server by going to http://ryan86:8080

Documentation link for Sharing