External user unable to upload and download files

I have an user outside my local network, who is trying to upload/download a file but get’s an error symbol next to the upload progress bar in the omniverse launcher.
He was is still able to create folders.
Furthermore he was able to upload files two times (once yesterday and once today) and could still download .usd files trough blender, but now he is no longer able to export/upload any new files nor download any though the omniverse launcher.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If the user is outside your local network, are you setting up your Nucleus server so it’s available through an external url?

This has to be handled on your end, as Nucleus does not have a built in way to make itself available external to your network.

I think I have it set up that way. I have sharing enabled and opened up all the ports listed.
I’m sorry about my lack of knowledge about this sort of stuff, as I’m new to this.

So, you have to run Nucleus so the IP and/or hostname are accessible by all intended clients.

Depending on how and where you are running this instance of Nucleus, it’s possible your ISP has changed your IP address.