Omniverse Navigator File Upload Pending: Seeking Solutions


I am experiencing difficulty uploading a file from Omniverse Navigator as the upload process seems to hang indefinitely[Ref.2]. Despite referencing ticket [Ref.1] for potential causes, I have been unable to find any clues[Ref.3][Ref.4]. Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue?

Thank you.




navigator.log (63.6 KB)


First of all your logs show you are a) not logged into Nucleus b) you are not authorized c) your system is having trouble connection to Nucleus authentication service.

Second, why are you using your web browser for Nucleus and not the Nucleus Browser in your Omniverse Launcher, or the Nucleus Navigator app. We do NOT support anything in a browser like this. Not sure how you even got to that.

Third, I am not sure what you mean by “upload to local”. You would upload to a “remote” nucleus server. For a “local” you simply copy it over. It should be fairly instant. Where are you copying it from ? Another part of your hard drive ? What is the reason that you are needing to copy it to a new Nucleus location in “Projects > My Projects” ? You can just keep it on your local hard drive if you want and open it in USD Composer or Issac Sim as a normal file.

Use this in Launcher

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your response. Perhaps I didn’t provide enough context initially.

Our intended usage entails having a web UI, perhap Nucleus Navigator web-based, that enables users to upload their custom USD files from their client PCs. Subsequently, users should be able to load the USD files into Isaac Sim via WebRTC from browser.

And about the URL of Omniverse Navigator port 34080 from Official Documentation is provided below:

In the event that Web-based Nucleus navigator support is unavailable, do you have any suggestions for remotely uploading USD files?

Or Nucleus provied REST API to do so?


On Linux, there is a known issue with the browser being able to upload large amounts of content (this is specifically a linux limitation unfortunately. You can try Navigator 3.4 stand-alone, and this should mitigate that upload issue if that works for you.

Nucleus does not have a REST API to upload data. The API you should use for content management on Nucleus is the Python/C API Client Library.

Omniverse Client Library — client_library 3.38.6 documentation (

Thank you for your response. Understanding the limitation, I will consider alternative workarounds. However, I would like to suggest the possibility of Nucluse Web API support in the future as a potential solution.