Is it possible to enable Dynamic Boost on a Laptop with Linux and AMD Ryzen 5xxxx?

Hi, I hope you are doing well

I just realize that the GPU on my system is not been used at its full potential.

Does anybody know if it is possible to enable dynamic boost on Linux when a laptop uses AMD Ryzen Processors? I tried to follow the directions from the nvidia drivers read me, but I get the error that the nvidia-powerd service failed to get the status from the cpu when I try to start the service.

I work with 3D architectural visualizations and I have noticed through the nvidia-smi command that the gpu only uses 114W of power even with the charger is connected and the laptop is set to performance mode.

In other words:

It seems the laptop only recognizes the quiet and balanced mode. I mean, when I switch between modes the led indicator of the laptop changes from blue(Quiet), to white(Balanced) to red(Performance), but the power limit of the gpu stays the same from white to red.(114W)

In windows when enabling performance mode (Led in red) the graphics card uses 130W of power. (its an Nvidia 3070 and I’m using Ubuntu 22.04)

When switching to performance mode in Windows, Im assuming that it enables the Dynamic Boost Feature because I can get the extra 15W that dynamic boost usually gives.

In general the system is much more agile and responsive in Linux than Windows so I’m not going back to Windows, no way. But it would be great if someone has managed to enable the dynamic boost feature in Linux with AMDs CPUs because it could gain a little extra speed when rendering

Any suggestions that you could give will be appreciated to see If I can enable the use of the 130W of power on the GPU.


Hi, The issue has been solved by Nvidia.

I’m happy to report that installing the Driver 525.60.11 Released today (Nov 28, 2022) we can enjoy better performance on the GPU in Linux. My Archviz Render went from 18m27s to 17m53s. It may not sound like much improvement but if this were an animation it translates to several minutes or even hours of render time saved.

Thanks NVIDIA!.

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