Is it possible to implement omniverse USD animation import in C++ in Unreal?

Is there a way to implement it with unreal C++ or Blueprint as shown in the picture? I can’t find the related method.

Hi @bryson Are you trying to recreate a plugin just like the existing one shown in the images USD Animation? Or you just need to know how to install that existing one?

I’m not quite sure how that plugin was implemented (I can ask around if you’re interested), but to install it, you can install the latest Unreal Engine Connector from Omniverse Launcher.

Ehsan.HM thank you for answer. already have the unreal engine connector installed and know how to import animation manually. i’m trying to create a system to automatically import audio2face facial animation usd files into unreal. i would like to know if there is any c++ code or blueprint method for this.

Oh, I see. Sorry I’m not proficient enough in scripting in Unreal Engine to help. It might be worth cross posting it on Unreal Engine forums.

I know that this function is created when the omniverse audio2face unreal connector is connected, but i don’t know if i will get a response if i post it on the unreal forum.