Python-based " Import FacialAnimation" to Unreal Engine

I have UE5. In Plugin Omniverse, i have “Import facial animation” option. I can do it manually.
But how i can import facial animation to UE5 with Internal UE scripting language Python?
You don’t provide this information in manual for your plugin.

At the moment we don’t have a python binding for importing facial animation using Python. If you’re handy with C++ or Blueprint Utilities you can use the UOmniverseUSDBlueprintLibrary::LoadFacialAnimation() interface from the plugin to do this in an automated fashion.

I believe we encountered something like this in this forum post.

Thanks for the reply.
However, 3 questions.

  1. Did you already expose UOmniverseUSDBlueprintLibrary::LoadFacialAnimation() interface for operating in UE, as you promised in relative topic?
  2. Should i recompile Omniverse plugin for using exposed functionality?
  3. Can you point me to some tutorial with similar task?
  1. Yes
  2. No need
  3. I decided to just do it and post here:

A quick picture tutorial on how to setup an Editor Utility Blueprint to import USD Facial Animation from Audio2Face

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