Is it possible to install Ubuntu 18.04 desktop version on Jetson Nano B01?

I have a Jetson Nano B01 with default image which NVIDIA provides. However, it is a hybrid kernel, with some server packages and some from Desktop version of Ubuntu.

This leads to issues in installing or running some ROS based software, which I would like to use. As an example, see this issue: throws error on Jetson Nano (ROS Melodic) · Issue #224 · magazino/move_base_flex · GitHub

Since these packages or programs run fine on desktop editions, is it possible to install desktop version of Ubuntu 18.04 on Nano?

hello parzival,

did you download the default Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card Image via download center?
please check this, Getting Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer to prepare your microSD card and setup the board.

Yes, I downloaded the default image. But as I said, it has hybrid kernel. it contains packages from both server and desktop versions of Ubuntu. This means some programs and packages which runs fine on my PC or Raspberry Pi don’t work in Nano.

Hence I want to install Ubuntu 18.04 desktop

hello parzival,

could you please share the information with command-line, $ lsb_release -a;
what’s the actual failure you’ve seen, could you please share the details steps for reference,

This is the output:

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Release:        18.04
Codename:       bionic

The problem is I am unable to install some packages which install just fine on a Ubuntu 18.04 desktop. Refer the GitHub issue I mentioned above, for example. The issues seems to be Jetson specific. I am facing the same issue with other packages as well, where some dependencies which install on Ubuntu 16,18 won’t install on Jetson.