Jetson nano used to boot normally, now this shows up and it doesn't boot

Basically what the title says, Jetson Nano developer kit no longer boots past this point. What could this be? Can I salvage the situation, there is valuable data on the sd card…

Just put the SD card into a standard Linux PC, mount it and get your data off the card. If you don’t have a Linux PC, then install it as a virtual machine:
Get Virtualbox software and Extension Pack (!important), then download an Ubuntu Linux iso image for your PC, and install Ubuntu into the VM.


I’m transferring the data through a linux pc as we speak, hopefully it all works out (fingers crossed). Either way thank you for your answer it appears to be working

Hi @kylianbloem,

If you wanted to give it a try to recover the Jetson Nano, or even if someone else stumbles on this post, maybe this thread recommendations can work for you:

Roberto Gutierrez,
Embedded SW Engineer at RidgeRun
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