Is NVmedia supports image fusion?


I expect to superposition the data of the two images.
Achieve an effect of transparency.
A function similar to the OSD.

Can Nvmedia support this in order to reduce data processing time?

Is there a Demo program available for reference?

Thank you!

Are you askng for DRIVE Orin platform?

yes, Orin platform !

Dear @songqing.zhang,
Unfortunately we don’t have APIs to perform superposition the data of the two images.

Ok, thanks for your reply!

Dear @songqing.zhang,
Could you check if NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference: 2D Processing | NVIDIA Docs helps in your case?

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This function interface should do what I want.
This is so great!
However, we are still using the old SDK version (5.2).
I will try using the new SDK.
Thank you very much!

@songqing.zhang So this topic is for Xavier or Orin devkit? Which one are you using now?

Orin platform

If that’s the case, you should use DRIVE OS 6.x. DRIVE OS 5.x doesn’t support Orin. Thanks.

I’m sorry,my mistake!In fact, we are currently using DRIVE OS 6.0.2. Thanks