Is there a way to have duplicates not look the same with the same material

This scene is made up of a few hallway corridors I made, and since they are duplicates of the same material, you can see the repeating patterns.

Is there any way to offset or change each segment so they don’t all look exactly the same?

Thanks if there is a way to add uniqueness with either an offset, or I have seen a seed changed in some other texture software.

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I now know how to do this. What I didn’t “get” at first about Materials is I kept looking at the 3D object I was applying a material to, for a way to modify the material.

What you have to do is select the Material in the ‘Looks’ folder, then use Appearance Settings and either UV settings of Rotate or Scale, or also modifying the settings in the Dirt layer may provide good results for some textures.

One thing I learned thanks to someone answering a question here, is the properties on the right hand side can be animated, by right clicking and selecting ‘Set Key’ at given frames. For things like water this is useful to add life.

Just thought I would answer my own question that now that Omniverse doesn’t seem so scary after I learned a little bit.