Same material looks different on 2 objects

The same material looks different on 2 objects–the 2 objects which have the same scales. They were originally built in the same dimension. I checked the Material-UV-texture scale, it’s both the same number. I tried to give them the same material in the same scene and in the same way. the annoying glitching effect is still there. and the yellow-double-lines have different apparences too. Does anyone have the same issue?

How about duplicating the right mesh and use it?

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Duplicating the very part of it in the original scene helps avoid the glitching effect. Unfortunately, It wasn’t an option for me. Because the idea is to create the modules of the scene and combine those modules together so we can get a variety of scenes according to our needs. Eg. the picture is the merging of a crossroad and a straight road. I couldn’t use the copy of another one because the geometry was different. To make it clearer, First, modularity is important for my workflow cause I will need a whole bunch of scenes later. Second, the appearance of the road is important cause we will need these scenes to generate images for machine learning.

Different meshes means different UVs, we can’t expect the texture to look the same unless it’s procedural.