Export from Revit, import to Maya - texture tiling inconsistent

Seeing a couple of issues with bringing models from Revit to Maya:

  • Texture repeat seems off (see tiling on patio roof and wood on building sides)
  • Transparency is lost (Windows)
  • Grass texture is lost.
  • Railings color changes

This is the default house model that ships with Revit (Basic Sample Project).

Hello, We will be checking out the differences to see what we can find and will follow up with what we identify.

I did a quick test with publishing the Revit sample to Omniverse and opening in Maya and in View. And it looked correct from my side, minus transparency. We don’t render the transparency in Maya, but the material it self should be correct. But I also notice your file on the left has different materials than are on the default Revit Sample I have. Did you modify the Revit scene at all or modify any materials in View before opening it in Maya. Which export option did you use for materials, Mapping or Autodesk?

I was using these settings:

Material Mapping=OFF
Use Autodesk Materials=ON

I tried every combination of these two flags and this was the only combination that showed me a texture in Maya.

I didn’t modify the material, this was just the default model. To confirm the actual model is called RAC_basic_sample_project. The image in the left is just the model loaded and then raytraced in Revit.

Are you saying the brick size in your Revit view is different from mine, or in your Maya view? Could share your screenshots for the views you see in Revit and Maya?

[Unfortunately I can’t check the model in View because that requires a newer version of Windows than I have, and an upgrade right now is nontrivial.]

I talked more to one of our developers, I also confirmed your results with Autodesk material export option. There is a uv tiling attribute we are not currently exporting out of Revit. This is a limitation right now. This results in View and Maya rendering the material with different tiling. Image from left to right, Revit, Maya, View.

Great, thanks for the confirmation.

Revit UVs are ‘interesting’. They seem to do the mapping in a different way from most DCC apps and we’ve found it tricky to convert them consistently, which is one reason I was doing this test with Omniverse. Looking forward to you being able to get it sorted out.