CAD importer missing objects & other issues

Here is an imported STEP file in Rhino:

Here is the same imported STEP file in Omniverse:

Notice how the deck and inner roof is missing.

Also, a lot of the EVA protection on the deck is doubled up in the Omniverse import, while that is not the case in the source STEP file or the Rhino import.

Finally, note how the materials have the wrong color.

Also, materials in Omniverse are apparently traditionally UV mapped like in games, rather than triplanar mapped, so one would expect the CAD importer to solve that because unless a user is technically minded, they will be very confused as to why the textured rubber looks like this:

I just tried 2023.1.1 and objects are no longer yellow, but they don’t seem to retain any colors from the STEP file at all this time (same file tested as well).

Also, materials are still UV mapped instead of triplanar mapped. Are there any plans of creating a CAD section with triplanar materials in the Materials tab? Until then, I don’t see how you could ever assign textured materials on CAD imports in Omniverse.

Hi EDRobert,
Everything is imported into Composer with default 1.0x1.0 UV mapping. I think you just need to go into your material settings and increase your default mapping size to something larger than 1.0. Everything should work fine. Triplaner mapping is really not suitable here.

You can also go to “Window > Utilities” > Scene Optimizer tool and then go down to Generate Projection UVs. From here you can regenerate any new UVs you want including triplaner.