USD + MaterialX Rendering Inconsistency


I’m having issues getting my USD test scene’s materials to render the same in Create as it does in MaterialXView, USDView, and Arnold.

Have I set the scene up correctly? I have issues in some of the other viewers as well. Create gets the UV scaling correct, but usdview and Arnold (Maya) do not. The velvet and thin film do not look correct in Create though.

Another issue I’m having is that I cannot use the attached scene as-is in create. I have to remove “materials/” from my path because it seems Create is adding that (presumably because its using the .mtlx file’s folder as the prefix path for textures). Usdview and Maya/Arnold don’t exhibit this behavior.

My test scene can be found here:

Hi Roger,
This is because although the usd file is designed to be transported from software to software, it cannot gaurantee identical rendering looks. USD and its various viewers are all designed to show consistent geometry and “some” animation, and “some” materials where supported. Most viewers are very basic. For lighting, perfect materials, and realistic rendering that gets even harder. For example USDView, should look the same as Create for most files, but only from a geometry and basic materials point of view. For full realistic rendering, with all working materials, you have to rely on the power of the OV platform and Create. We have not yet evaluated MaterialXView. Arnold should read the USD files fairly well, but it will not match perfectly.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your response!
I understand that MDL code is now generated from MaterialX and this is what’s used for visualization in the OV ecosystem. This ‘should’ be able to fully support Autodesk’s Standard Surface, right?
It seems as though something’s getting lost in translation to make Sheen and thin-film present the way they do in Create - perhaps a bug?

regarding the texture files not being found, it seems to be a convention adopted by Create which isn’t adopted by usdview or Maya/Arnold?

I am looking at your webpage and it shows a very good represenation in Create. It looks accurate to the other renderings. Is there something that is not working well ?

I had to manually point Create to find the texture maps. The velvet looks white with a faint purple sheen effect, as opposed to the deep purple seen in the other renderers. The furthest object should have a thin-film effect (rainbow iridescence), but just renders black in Create. Thin fim and velvet/sheen are both very important effects for us.